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The LISPY School’s 200-hour RYT focuses on the unique field of psychotherapeutic yoga – yoga for your brain.

This yoga training integrates western medicine knowledge with traditional yogic techniques, to give mental health clinicians a next-level skillset for addressing various mental and emotional concerns.

NOTE: The 200-hour psychotherapeutic yoga training is not appropriate preparation for teaching fitness yoga or “gym yoga", nor is it meant to qualify anyone to practice as a mental health clinician. This training is an introduction to how the combination of psychology, neurobiology, yoga and Ayurvedic principals can provide a mind-body healing approach in clinical settings.

LISPY programming explores how the use of yoga and yogic principles can address addiction, substance abuse, ADHD, anger management, anxiety, self-harm, depression, eating disorders, grief, insomnia, PTSD, trauma recovery, stress management, and other mental health concerns.

The yoga therapy components of LISPY’s psychotherapeutic yoga training are not derived from our RYS status with Yoga Alliance.

Disclaimer: LISPY’s psychotherapeutic yoga training does not qualify graduates to diagnose or treat mental illness, nor practice as a licensed mental health professional.

Prerequisite: Education in the mental health industry is required to enroll in the LISPY 200

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Meet the Faculty

Senior Instructor, C-IAYT, E-RYT500, YACEP

Kim Cox

Kim Cox is a long-time LISPY faculty member — in fact she actually helped WRITE the curriculum in 2016! Kim believes in the power and science of yoga with the tools of breathwork, mindfulness, asanas or poses, mantras, bandhas and more. Her philosophy with working with clients is not just about getting fit, losing a few pounds or inches or fitting into a smaller size, but more so working towards helping them find and live a healthy, centered and joyful way of life that is found on the mat. Kim is passionate about working with special populations, injuries and sickness, specifically focusing on stress, anxiety and depression, yoga therapy for the wellness and balancing of the brain and nervous system, and specifically in working with somatic experiencing to gain greater awareness and bandwidth with the sensations in the felt sense in the body. Since she was a teenager, Kim Cox has been drawn to all things physical. Moving her body in different sports and activities was always key to her health and well-being. Kim understood from a young age the benefits of keeping active, connecting the mind and the body and the release that was brought on by physical activity. It was no surprise that she would choose a career that would carry out her passion and share her beliefs with others.

200-hour LISPY RYT, LPC-intern

Alana McCraw

Alana McCraw is a LISPY 200-hour graduate from the September 2019 cohort. She is furthering her study and knowledge of yoga through courses at Yoga International. Alana graduated from the Integrative Nutrition Health Coach program in March 2017 and is furthering her education and skills with Precision Nutrition. Alana is currently a Licensed Professional Counseling Associate who graduated in May 2019 where she earned her Master of Arts degree with a concentration in Mindfulness-Based Transpersonal Counseling from Naropa University in Boulder, Colorado. The institution was founded by Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche; meditation and contemplative self-reflection were the core elements of Alana's training and continue to guide her not only on her personal journey, but in her clinical discernment and application of counseling.

200-hour LISPY RYT, LPC-Associate

Amber Ambriz

Amber Ambriz is a 200-hour RYT who graduated through the LISPY program. She is continuing her yoga education through mentorship and online training. Amber is currently a Licensed Professional Counseling Associate at Lifeologie Dallas where she originally began interning as a graduate student. During her time at Texas Woman's University, she was a graduate assistant for the Health and Wellbeing Initiative, she has always lived her life holistically but it was during this time that she deeply understood that mind, body, environment, and financial wellness are what she sees as a healthy lifestyle for herself. This realization guided her training to learn more about the intersection of mind and body.